Valentine’s Day for Singles…


Why are there so many Valentine’s Day haters? You know who I am talking about. The “You should show your partner love everyday” people. Yes, Valentine’s Day is mostly marketed towards romantic love, but its a day to really celebrate all kinds of love. In general, the goal should be to simply celebrate LOVE, especially at a time when there seems to be so much hate around us.

It’s easy to come up with Valentine’s Day ideas when you have a significant other. However, if you are newly dating someone or single, Valentine’s Day can be really awkward and even depressing. To avoid putting the pressure on your new dating situation or to avoid sitting at home crying over a bottle of wine, here are a few ideas to change up your Valentine’s Day:

Newly Dating Someone?
  1. A Casual Dinner – Instead of some bourgeois restaurant that requires a reservation and a tie, how about just going out to your favorite pizza spot or a neighborhood diner?
  2. Not Another Movie – Instead of dinner and a movie (unless you have tickets to see “Black Panther”), do something fun and engaging like bowling, karaoke, skating or a cooking class? These may sound like childish or quirky ideas, but they are interactive activities that help with the “getting comfortable” part of starting a relationship.♥
Single Parent with Children?
  1. Let the Kids Choose Dinner – Now this option may take you to a meal at Dave & Buster’s or you may have a value meal at McDonald’s. LOL. As the parent, you usually make the final decision on day to day meals. So on this day, let the kids enjoy the choice and even if you don’t like McDonald’s burgers, just enjoy the experience with the kiddos.
  2. On V-Day, Dessert first – Usually we force our kids to have their meal before they are allowed to have desserts. On this day, the day of candy and everything sweet, change up the routine. Grab the kids from school and find a local bakery to enjoy. Instead of getting it to go, grab a table, order some hot chocolate or warm cider and buy several different desserts to taste and share with each other. Let them tell you about their school day. Reminisce on a funny or embarrassing story from your childhood that they’ll enjoy.
  3. Game Night – Why not have a game night on Valentine’s Day? Make dinner simple and grab a pizza. Be sure to pick up some yummy desserts. Then break out the games. In my house, our game of choice is Uno. Each week we play about 5 rounds to decide who will be the Uno Queen for the week. With this option, you can still keep your parenting schedule and get the kiddos in bed on time. 🙂
Single on V-Day?
  1. Treat Yourself – We all like to get pampered and what better day to plan a pampering session than on Valentine’s Day. When I say pamper, I don’t necessarily mean book an appointment at the spa or hair salon, although those things are nice. I mean treat yourself to the things that you really enjoy.
    • Desserts – Go to your favorite dessert spot and indulge in your favorite treat.
    • Create a Home Spa – Get some fragrant candles, bath and skin products and create your own spa at home. Your own home spa means you won’t be on an appointment schedule, you can relax for as long as you like and you can have your best tunes thumping in the background.
    • Good friends, Good Drinks – Meet up with your besties for drinks at your favorite bar, lounge or coffeehouse. ☕
    • Netflix & Chill – This doesn’t just apply to you & bae. Go out and get your favorite meal, drink, dessert and a big box of chocolates. Now find a good movie or show to binge watch. Then get your warmest blanket and sit in your favorite nook of the couch and enjoy!

Valentine’s Day should be about doing the things you love and/or surrounding yourself with the people that love you and sometimes that may not be a significant other… and that’s ok. ♥ ♥ ♥

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