The MA30Day Program

So, if you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been eating a lot healthier lately and I’ve even dropped a few pounds. Well, I credit these changes to finally gaining some will power and to a lovely lady named Massy Arias and her MA Warrior program.


What’s an MA Warrior you ask? Well, Massy has designed a great program that incorporates healthy eating with fitness to help you achieve the ultimate you. The thing I like most about her program is that she doesn’t promote it as a “Diet” or some temporary “Weight Loss” program. She stresses that  her  programs are only a start and she encourages you to focus on creating a lifestyle change. So even after you finish her monthly challenges, hopefully you will have found a new path to healthier eating and even the busiest version of you will have a new outlook on exercise and fitness.


Yes, there is a small fee for her plan. It’s definitely small compared to others that I have seen. She provides a detailed list of meals to follow with recipes and she gives you a daily exercise guide. She even includes videos demonstrating all of the exercises much like the Nike Training mobile app. Even though her meals remove most sugar and salt, all of the recipes have great seasonings and flavors that were surprisingly really tasty. You can choose from a carnivore or a vegan meal plan to follow. As for the exercise, her routines do not require you to have a gym membership. You may need to purchase some fitness bands and a few weights but its not too heavy on your budget if you are budget-conscious.

I have totally worked up a good sweat in the house when doing the routines. I will say for all the fitness I have tried to maintain over the years, this is the first time in years that I have seen some real weight loss. I credit that more to following the meal plan than the workouts. Running is easy but its the pizza, fries and sodas that forced me to be overweight in recent years.  I am almost 2 months into using her plan with a few less-disciplined days here and there and I have already dropped 10 pounds.  img_1806This may not sound like a lot to you but I can truly see and feel the difference in all of my clothes. My bloated stomach has gone down significantly. I am so excited.

Another thing I noticed… in the almost 2 months of doing this plan, my taste buds and cravings have changed significantly. I attended a birthday party with my kids this weekend and I shared in on some cheese pizza and a Pepsi (cheat day and that’s all they had for the adults and I was starving). Let me tell you, my stomach started churning in the worst way about 15 minutes after eating that stuff. I was sick and in a deep relationship with my bathroom for the next 24+ hours. I mean I couldn’t believe how sick I felt after eating that pizza and the Pepsi didn’t even taste the same. When I am away from preparing my own meals, I find that things are either too sweet or too salty or I just feel downright guilty when the food that’s offered doesn’t fall into a healthy category. Again, this is Massy Arias subconsciously reinforcing her lessons on meal preparation and planning. She is constantly providing live question and answer sessions to our group with fitness ideas and ways to get around meal challenges when you are on the go. She provides a great online support system for her program users.

If you want to up your game and enjoy a healthier and more fit lifestyle, I totally recommend trying her program. I really don’t think you will regret your choice. You can get more information on her program at . You can also get a taste of her routines on Instagram on her personal page or see more of the results I described on the MAWarrior page. Good luck!

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