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The Tiny House and Tampa…

So I felt it was time for a quick getaway, because, Why Not? My girls and mom wanted to visit my brother, my boyfriend had a birthday coming up and I just wanted to be near a beach. FYI, I always want to be near a beach. 🙂 So, I

AirBnb 101 – A Guide for Using AirBnb and Having a Good Experience

By now, I am sure you have heard the good and bad of staying at an AirBnb… But I am sure you know more about the bad side of AirBnb. I am sure you have heard everything from unruly and racist hosts to homes that were a complete dump compared to

Spirit 101 – 10 Things You Should Know Before You Book a Flight with Spirit Airlines

I recently took my first flight on Spirit Airlines. It was Spring Break for my daughters and they had a whole 10 days off. I wanted to do something other than sit around the house for almost 2 weeks. I needed this break more than they did. I decided that

México City: A Mexican Wedding

We traveled to Mexico City, Mexico for my nephew’s wedding. I have to admit, originally, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this trip. Work, home and school life with the kids had been super busy. After purchasing our flights to Ciudad de Mexico| Mexico City (CDMX),  that’s when we were

Welcome to Cuba!

Cuba has always been one of the Top 5 locations on my travel bucket list. I think I was super excited perhaps because we Americans have been forbidden to travel there for so long. Last August, I finally made the journey with my daughters and my cousin. I have so much

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